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Longarm Preparation

Want to know how to prep your quilt before we begin? See our quick 4-step checklist on prepping your longarm quilting project. If you get stuck, don't hesitate to reach out via our contact page.

Helpful Tip #1   Are you ready?

Check your quilt seams and top


Prior to applying your borders, measure the pieced top. Check seams to make sure they're secure. Then make sure it's as flat as you can make it to avoid puckers, pleats, and tucks. Make sure your corners are square and pressed. If you can't make it flat, it can't be "quilted out".

Helpful Tip #2  Are you Square?

Measure, Measure, Border


You've heard of measure twice, cut once? After you've checked the top and seams, measure, then apply the borders evenly. Same principle. Make sure the corners are squared and pressed. You've worked hard to get it to this point. You're almost there!

Helpful Tip #3 - Most important!!

Oversize the Back 


Having a quilt back that's 8-10 inches larger than your quilt is necessary for loading and processing on the longarm machine (that's 4-5 inches on EVERY side). Make sure that the backer is square and free of loose threads.

If you are providing the batting it also needs to be oversized the same or larger than the backer. Please don't layer or pin the top, batting and back together as they will be loaded onto the long arm as separate layers.

Max quilt size I can accommodate is 102" WIDTH for top and 112" back

Helpful Tip #4

Tell us what the quilt is for


Let's work together!! You've put a lot of love and care into your quilt creation. If you have a specific purpose, occasion, or a specific date you're working toward, let me know. My goal is to help to complete your quilt treasure in a unique and timely fashion. 

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